Ron Bardell is also one of the original founders of MicroPlumbers Microsciences LLC. He has twenty-three years of experience in modeling of coupled fluid-flow, diffusion/convection of heat/mass, and reaction of chemical species. Over the years, his analysis assignments have ranged from the motion of Navy ships in rough seas to the behavior of varying-viscosity fluids in channels smaller in diameter than a human hair. He has extensive experience writing scientific software such as TADS TM (a finite-volume heat/mass transfer and chemical reaction modeling package) and as well as user functions to extend the modeling capabilities of several commercial computational fluid-dynamics codes including CFX (now part of ANSYS), PHOENICS, and CFD-ACE+. He holds a BME from the University of Minnesota and an MSME
and PhD from the University of Washington, Seattle, where he did research in micro-valve and micro-pump modeling and development. He is an inventor/author on multiple patents and numerous scientific publications. Born in Minneapolis, not that far from Lake Wobegon, he worked as a drummer in rock&roll and funk bands for eight years before switching to engineering. He now plays piano and rides bikes for fun. Within MicroPlumbers Microsciences LLC, he handles:

  • Microdevice Performance Simulation and Design
  • Microfluidics Modeling
  • Thin Film Diffusion Modeling
  • Sensor Response Modeling and Error Analysis
  • Modeling of Multi-Phase Materials, Dispersed or Layered
  • Diffusion, Advection, and Chemical Reaction Modelling
  • Heat and Mass Transfer Modelling