SCIENTIFIC STAFF: Anatoly N Lukyanov, Ph.D.

Anatoly is a chemist and biochemist with several years of broad experience in surface modification of microparticles and microfluidic channels, analytical (bio)chemistry, microbiology and testing microfluidic devices. He is skilled in development of numerous isolation methods and identification procedures for microorganisms, blood cells and macromolecules. His M.S. degree is from Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology. Anatoly also handles Microplumbers' accounting and taxes. During a weather emergency (ie., a sunny day in Seattle) you can find him sailing Puget Sound. Within MicroPlumbers Microsciences LLC, he handles:

  • Assay development for various chemical, biochemical and microbiological targets
  • Implementation and testing of these assays in microfluidic devices
  • Conjugation of immunochemicals and novel labeling reagents