United States Patent: 7223371 - Microfluidic channel network device

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Number 7223371 (2007)




Described herein is microfluidic device for joining fluids and a related method for doing the same. The device according to the present invention includes a microfluidic junction, an outlet channel, and a plurality of circuit units. A microfluidic junction is an area for converging multiple fluids. An outlet channel is capable of receiving fluid from the microfluidic junction. An outlet channel includes a first end connected with the microfluidic junction, a second end connected with a waste reservoir, and an analysis region positioned between the first end and the second end of the outlet channel. The device also includes a plurality of circuit units. Each circuit unit includes a source channel with a first end capable of receiving sample fluid and a second end connected with the microfluidic junction; a branch channel connected with the source channel at an intersection; and a flow diversion system capable of differentially directing fluid flowing through a source channel either into the microfluidic junction or into a branch channel.