United States Patent: 7196842 - Attenuating filter for ultraviolet light

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Number 7196842 (2007)




An attenuating filter provides a prescribed attenuation of the intensity of transmitted, short-wavelength, ultraviolet light, in particular, at wavelengths below 200 nm, that is governed by a predefinable spatial distribution of its spectral transmittance. The filter has a transparent substrate (3), e.g. fabricated from crystalline calcium fluoride. A filter coating (5) fabricated from a dielectric material that absorbs over a predefined wavelength range is applied to at least one surface (4) of the substrate. In the case of operating wavelengths of about 193 nm, the filter coating consists largely of tantalum pentoxide. Filters of the type, which may be inexpensively fabricated with high yields, are noted for their high abilities to withstand laser radiation and may be effectively antireflection coated employing simply designed antireflection coatings.